How to create a link to subscribe to youtube

Sometimes you want others to click your YouTube Sub channel from a link without having to go to the Youtube page. This has a lot of convenience and can increase your sub volume.

A Subscribe Youtube link has the following structure:


Both links above are fine, but in my opinion you should use the link containing the channel ID, as it will not change.

Demo: Subscribe Youtube 3eLife 5

You just need to change strong, UC8DxEpvnENZ2bSwCoemxigQ to your youtube channel id.

To get a Channel ID, on the youtube page, click the channel icon in the top right corner, select Your Channel.

Now look at the browser’s address bar, you will see the link form:

Red is your youtube ID.

You just need to replace ?view_as=subscriber to ?sub_confirmation=1

That’s it, post your YouTube Sub Link below for everyone to join the sub.