Instructions to install Wordops on the server

WordOps is an essential set of tools that make it easy to administer your website and #wodpress server
WordOps provides fast and secure wordpress deployment with Nginx using simple and easy to remember commands. Supplemented from EasyEngine v3, it is much better than the updated EEv3 version with some new features including wildcard SSL Certificate with support for DNS API authentication, optimization of the Linux kernel, or a new custom Nginx package with TLS v1.3 and Cloudflare HTTP / 2 HPACK Support.

View Wordops homepage Install Wordops on a linux server

Install with the following commands, enter each command one by one

wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo
source /etc/bash_completion.d/wo_auto.rc
wo stack install

Installed successfully:

HTTP Auth User Name: xxxxxxxx
HTTP Auth Password : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
WordOps backend is available on https://ip:22222 or
Successfully installed packages

That is backend login information: view system information, access Myphpadmin, file…
You should save that information immediately or use the following command to change your login information if you want:

wo secure --auth

For more security with SSL, you should create a host name:

# wo site create -le
hostnamectl set-hostname

Now you access to to see the results.

Some commands to create website:

wo site create site.tld --wpredis 
wo site create site.tld --wp --php73 -le
wo site create site.tld --user=admin
wo site create site.tld --pass=password
wo site create site.tld --email=wo@site.tld
wo site create site.tld --wp --letsencrypt --hsts

And his favorite command:

wo site create --wpredis --php73 --letsencrypt --hsts --user=admin --pass=password
Use the following command to view myphpadmin credentials
wo site info

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