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Overall acceleration wp-admin is difficult when you have too many plugins. Therefore, there are many advices that are given to limit as few plugins as possible. But Plugin is a specialty of wordpress, it’s hard to cancel your favorite plugin just because of wp-admin speed up.

In general, it is still acceptable when wp-admin is a bit slow, but you will feel annoyed when using a plugin that has unexpected speed, which is affected by other Plugins.

For example, when using importWP to import products (csv files) into Woocommerce, if you are using WebP Express (with “switch to webp on upload” function enabled), there will be 500 error. Although disable this function or temporarily disable the plugin, the import process is also very slow due to the influence of many other Plugins.

Temporarily disable all plugins, use only the necessary Plugins, after completing the work, then Re-enable all Plugins? DO NOT, as it could break your website and adversely affect the user experience.

Fortunately, you can disable all Plugins without affecting the functionality of your website or user experience. That is to use the Troubleshoot function of the Health Check & Troubleshooting Plugin. You can speed up wp-admin temporarily with amazing speed.

In Troubleshoot mode (only wp-admin), Theme will switch to the default theme of wordpress, all plugins are disabled except Health Check & Troubleshooting, however you can enable / disable other Plugins.

The uses (for example wpimport above):

  • Enable Troubleshoot mode
  • Activate Woocommerce, importWP, importWP addon…

Now you can work with your Plugin at the same speed as you just installed wordpress. To return to the original mode, just press the Disable Troubleshooting Mode button.

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